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12oz Decaf Arabica Coffee - Whole Beans – Viking Brew Coffee
12oz Decaf Arabica Coffee - Whole Beans

12oz Decaf Arabica Coffee - Whole Beans

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Viking Brew Espresso Blend is a Vienna slightly crossing into an Italian roast. Delicately roasted to bring out just a touch of the beans natural oils making a light dark roast. Guatemala, Costa Rica, Sumatra and Ethiopian combined create an espresso shot that's sensational! The blend results are a full body, creamy, chocolate flavor and hints of smokey cherry with a bright clean finish. This amazing blend and roast works great for all types of coffee. French press, poor overs, Aero Press, traditional drip, basically any method you want prepare this blend will serve you well. This blend also makes a world class cold brew. The tasty possibilities are endless!

  • 12oz per bag
  • 100% Decaf Arabica Coffee
  • Swiss water process™